“Maxx Arabia” now is in a unique position in the market, being able to offer complete managed logistics solutions.

Here below a list of the main activities performed by us:

  • Complete Logistics Management
  • Consultation Services to Projects Customers
  • Project Logistics and Forwarding
  • In-House Engineering
  • Transport / Lifting and Final positioning

Our dedicated teams of specialized employees monitor and respond to client different enquiries with rapid, cost effective, technically sound proposals.


PMD is the main contact point for all project customers powered with reliable and enthusiastic project managers and project coordinators who manage the entire project professionally working closely with our supportive in-house service divisions ensuring the project shipments are planned efficiently, handled effectively and completed on time and provides up-to-date project execution report to clients on daily basis.


Our dedicated teams of specialized employees monitor and respond to client different enquiries with rapid, cost effective, technically sound proposals.

  • A focal point for the client to serve in a single window operation
  • Fulfills all possible needs of customers thru sophisticated and organized coordination between client and serviceproviders.
  • Pre-advise for import/ export documentation preparation and procedures.
  • Extend Technical support as demands for route study and transportation planning
  • Providing detailed technical information of existing seaport (s) which gives impressive support to EPC and Forwarders to arrange shipping of delegated consignments to Saudi Arabia.


We considered customs clearance documentation and handling process a very crucial area where we pays special attention to the compliance of all the regulations involved in the customs clearance processat seaport/ airport, and borders. Our experts brokers teams ensure that all our internal staff and respective clients are constantly updated regarding new trade policies and customs laws and regulations. 


Transportation of oversized dimensions (too long, too width, too high and too heavy) requires experience specialized know-how and excellent organization. Our highly motivated and well trained staff can offer our respective clients the best solutions to a transport problem on the basis of our rich experience handling various project shipments.


We owned and operating an extensive fleet of (80 axle lines) Hydraulic Conventional Modular trailers, various types and capacity of lowbeds and special extension trailers including all necessary equipment to carryout any foreseeable heavy transport. In addition, we offers resource of Strand Jacking equipment (capable to perform impressive hoisting and / or skidding operations), Gantry System (600 Tons lifting capacity) operating as well various type of crawler cranes 260 tons capacity and minimum range of 50 Tons mobile cranes in our lifting fleet.

Transport and Lifting services as well as engineering activities are achieved "in-house" through connectedcomputer services, CAD facilities, 3Dsimulation studies for delegated equipment.


For all exporters and importers of goods, warehouse has a huge importance with respect to the safety and security of delegated consignments. We offer dedicated warehouse management services to our projects customersexclusively temporary storage of bulk shipments/ pipes segregation and storage including super heavy and oversized consignments are concerned.

We have approximately 12,000 sq.meter open yard facility nearby Jubail Industrial seaport prominent locations for temporary storage for ODC and Heavy consignments with full flagged operation office facility and security system.


Project freight forwarding remains core business, focusing predominantly on industries related to Oil, Gas & Energy, Power Generation, Mining & Metals and Infrastructure projects.

We offer our clients a seamless portfolio of support services from the initial planning and budgetary phase to the final delivery and facility start up..

Maxx Arabia projects are generally managed as follows:

  • Create a mutually acceptable project team designed to most effectively handle a client’s requirements; including an international team if required.
  • Provides update information related to customs clearance formalities and procedures as per local law and regulations.
  • Recommendation to project customers how to follow and implement preparation of adequate set of import shipping documentation and minimize errors.
  • Undertake feasibility and engineering studies for heavy-lift, over-dimensional and/or critical items for the project. Drawing upon the in-house knowledge of the Transport Engineering Department (T.E.D.)
  • Perform route surveys to ensure that the best concepts for the project as they relate to cost, performance and safety, are proposed, implemented and realized.
  • Perform risk assessments to ensure that all planned (and unplanned) factors are considered and potential risks are identified.
  • Design and present an operational chart outlining all necessary steps and work flow.
  • Ensure operational excellence during the execution of the project

At all times, Maxx Arabia’s QHSES and compliance system is active to make sure that the job is not simply done, but done safely, efficiently and as per legal requirements.


Our team in expert handling and managing all projects requirement and activities related to cross border import and export documentation and process including overland transportation services from any part of GCC countries. For reference, we handled complete project consignments of various heavy vessels and columns from ex-works in UAE/ Kuwait/ Qatar and Bahrain to Al-Khafji Water Treatment joint Cooperation Project (SAUDI ARAMCO). The heaviest unit moved by using Hydraulic Conventional trailers Commodity {columns} each 30 (L) x 4 (w) and 6.2 (H), 80 Tons each three (3) units moved in one convey. “SAUDI ARAMCO” expressed appreciation for successful completion of job in professional and safely manner.