Maxx Arabia is a full service, freight transportation and logistics company.

“Maxx Arabia” now is in a unique position in the market, being able to offer complete managed logistics solutions.
Transport and Lifting services as well as engineering activities are achieved "in-house" through connectedcomputer services, CAD facilities, 3Dsimulation studies for delegated equipment.
For all exporters and importers of goods, warehouse has a huge importance with respect to the safety and security of delegated consignments.
Our team in expert handling and managing all projects requirement and activities related to cross border import and export documentation and process including overland transportation services from any part of GCC countries.
We considered customs clearance documentation and handling process a very crucial area where we pays special attention to the compliance of all the regulations involved in the customs clearance
PMD is the main contact point for all project customers powered with reliable and enthusiastic project managers and project coordinators who manage the entire project professionally
Transportation of oversized dimensions (too long, too width, too high and too heavy) requires experience specialized know-how and excellent organization.
Project freight forwarding remains core business, focusing predominantly on industries related to Oil, Gas & Energy, Power Generation, Mining & Metals and Infrastructure projects.