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Managing talents and sharing Group values:-

Continuing enhancement of employees skills

Our employees constitute our greatest asset. We want them to develop their capabilities as best as possible. Despite a somewhat turbulent economic environment, we have not hesitated to continue to invest in its human capital. The Human Resources Department is offering an ambitious training programme completed by various coaching schedules.

Our employees are invited to anticipate the future

The responsiveness and business dynamism of the Maxx Arabia Projects Solutions is spurred on by a major performance management programme, focusing on responsibility, delegation and management by objectives.

Farhat Abbas - CEO

First, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for ongoing support for all our respective customers globally. No matter how harsh the business environment become, our group has always strived to make remarkable services with affordable cost.

We continue to seek for new opportunities to increase our activities within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad with commitment to maintain the quality of our services and product.

IRSHAD HAIDER - Managing Director

Saudi Arabia and Middle East

We must not only the best, we must also serve professionally and become as a model for others and ensure that, together we all make significant global impact in the Industry.

It is my privilege to give snapshot of how our business went in past years, we have delivered a robust performance of which we can all the justifiably proud.

Maxx Arabia Projects Solutions is contributing very prominent role providing unique solutions for execution of Power & Desalination/ Refineries/ Petrochemical and Infrastructure projects in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad and professionally handling exclusive services starts from planning & executing solutions for all delegated plant equipment and machineries movements from manufactures locations globally until final position on foundation at project sites by applying most advance and innovative technologies and expertise.

Every operation is being executed after detailed engineered and planning studies to ensure maximum safety and efficiency throughout the entire haulage and lifting procedures. We offer the most advanced and extensive inventory of Haulage and lifting equipment, including Hydraulic Conventional Modulars Axle lines, mobile & crawlers cranes of various size and capacities, jacking systems and a variety of versatile lifting accessories, which makes our lifting capacity virtually unlimited.

All equipment is regularly maintained and inspected to the highest standards and key components are further load-tested to ensure the utmost lifting safety.

Our aim is to diversify our skills and expertise to youth, trained them as well as providing platform for success in their life.

We listen all requirements of our respective customers carefully regardless small or big and make sure appropriate actions have been taken in timely manner.

Shabab Haider - Group HR Manager

At every one of this organization, leadership took the talent pipeline seriously and consistently made it a priority. Maxx Arabia board meets regularly to discuss top talent and also commit to circulating talent to help enhance individuals experience and prospects.

Another theme that emerged was paying close attention to the insights of employees at all levels of the organization.

While nearly every company today says they want to innovate, the message to be more innovative often competes with rigorous short-term targets and key performance indicators.

Businesses and markets are changing quickly. To keep up, development opportunities need to go beyond traditional training. The company has a strong recognition that staying in one place for too long can lead to staleness and the risk of plateauing.

Managing performance and compensation is also changing. Maxx Arabia  has made its performance review process simpler, with less paperwork and more emphasis on meaningful conversations and also has a simple construct around appraisal which focuses on managing a business, managing others and managing yourself.

Salim Haji Kassam - Group Finance Manager

We are financially sound organization giving utmost attention and prompt care for even a small financial transaction for our company resulting our company is enjoying excellent reputation with all our local and international customers. Our responsibilities include developing strong relationships with customers, connecting with key business executives and stakeholders and preparing adequate reports.

Danish Abbas - National Transport Manager- Transport In-charge

Every project consignment is very important for us, we are well trained and systemized our operation set-up to give full attention and care for every movement. Our operation team gives utmost attention for all arrangements prior to the arrival of consignment either at seaport (s) or moving from ex-works within Saudi Arabia or GCC.
We have qualified team for preparing technical study for handling special over sized and Heavy consignments, we provides brief technical documents such as transport drawing, simulation planning, method statement and detailed route study report. Our operation team adhere all safety regulations strictly. We are continuously developing our fleet and making our wealth of resources work for our repeatable clients.